Web Analytics mal anders – nicht ganz ernst…


Sie benötigen kein Web Analytics? Stimmt. Hier finden Sie 21 Gründe, die Sie in Ihrer Meinung unterstützen.

If you believe Web Analytics is overrated and your business could succeed without Web Analytics, then you’re absolutely correct. Below are 21 reasons why you don’t Web Analytics integrated into your online campaign.

1.) You don’t want to know where your visitors are coming from.

2.) You don’t care how much time visitors spend on your website.

3.) Most popular products? Who cares, you already know what your customers want.

4.) Tracking hits is perfectly sufficient.

5.) Dead Content? There can’t be any dead content on your site.

6.) Site overlay is overrated because you can pretty much guess which links visitors find appealing.

7.) Bounce rate sounds like a make believe metric.

8.) Your time is better spent elsewhere rather than crunching data in order to measure the performance of our website.

9.) You love the plateau in your website’s traffic because concentrating on branded keywords is good enough.

10.) Podcasts are the hippest thing, if you record they will come, so why measure the number of downloads.

11.) Your development team should be adding enhancements not implementing web analytics.

12.) Top Exit pages is a non-issue for your website, once visitors arrive they are going to purchase.

13.) Who cares what paths visitors take or the length of their paths, as I said earlier, once they arrive, they are going to purchase.

14.) Everyone understands English so it doesn’t matter what country your visitors originate from.

15.) 3 words: Log File Analyzer.

16.) If you leave a form up long enough someones bound to fill it out eventually.

17.) Your site’s probably not going to have repeat visitors anyways because they’ll find everything they need the first time around.

18.) You know that a PPC campaign’s success is completely based upon click-throughs and impressions.

19.) Internal Search? That’s just there for show. (Mein persönliches Lieblingsargument gegen Web Analytics…)

20.) If you take $50,000 that you would need for an analyst and spend it on PPC you’re probably going to get better return.

21.) You don’t need to track newsletter registrants because bulk email lists are very inexpensive.

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