Web Analytics Market Report 2014 – Eine Ankündigung


Das Forschungsunternehmen „MarketsAndMarkets“ veröffentlicht in Kürze eine Marktstudie zur Web Analytics Entwicklung – Web Analytics Europa sprach bereits vorab mit den Analysten

Hier das englisch-sprachige Interview mit Aarti Kalbhor, REsearch Analyst und Swapnil Mehta, Research Associate

What is this Report about?
With the increasing number of digital marketers and advertisers entering the online businesses, the need of web analytics solutions for functionalities such as website visitor traffic tracking, ad campaign management, and improvement of website performance mapping has significantly increased. These solutions are used by digital marketers, advertisers and publishers to segment their premium buyers from other customers; to help the enterprises in reforming their business strategies and add to the online sales across industries such as retail, healthcare, government, and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI).

Web Analytics Study 2014
Aarti Kalbhor arbeitet als Research Analyst bei Markets and Markets

The Web Analytics market report provides global market trends, overall adoption scenario, competitive landscape, and key drivers in this market. The report aims at estimating the current market size and the future growth potential of this market by categorizing the global market on the basis of software, service, application, deployment type, vertical, and region. It also forecasts revenues and analyzes trends in each of the sub-markets.

Web Analytics Report 2014
Swapnil Mehta ist als Research Associate bei Market and Markets tätig

Which companies are involved in the discussion to fill the report with life?
We have covered all the industry experts, preferred suppliers/ buyers, and senior executives from leading industry players, start-ups and other key innovators across globe to understand the regional focus and market adoption trends for Web Analytics market. Below are the few designations we interviewed:

Solution/ Software Providers
– Marketing Directors
– Marketing Managers
– Strategy Experts
– VP Engineering

Service Providers
– Chief Executive Officer
– Co-Founders
– Vice President

Demand Side
– IT Head
– Procurement Decision Makers
– CIOs

When will it be published?
By mid of July, 2014.


Have there been reports in the past?
MarketsandMarkets publishes syndicated reports covering thirteen industry verticals, including advanced materials, automotive and transportation, banking and financial services, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer goods, energy and power, food and beverages, industrial automation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and electronics, and telecommunications and IT.
Specific to Analytics market, we have numerous reports published such as ‘Speech Analytics‘, ‘Financial Analytics‘, ‘Risk Analytics‘, ‘Location Analytics‘, ‘Predictive Analytics‘ and many more. Please visit our official MarketsandMarkets website for more information.

Eine Vorankündigung des Web Analytics Reports finden Sie in englischer Sprache hier: Web Analytics Study 2014 – die Ergebnisse werden in Kürze exklusiv auf Web Analytics Europa vorgestellt.


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