Web Analytics goes Olympia

Der Olympische Content wird durch Web Analytics gemessen und bewertet

Web Analytics WebTrends
WebTrends misst Chinas Nationales TV Network (China Central TV = CCTV), um während der Olympiade 2008 Einblick über die genutzten Web Channels zu erlangen. Hunderte Millionen von chinesischen Internet Usern werden dieses Portal nutzen.

Und hier ein Auszug der englischen Pressemitteilung:
WebTrends is tasked with examining visitor trends across multimedia and other web content on CCTV.com, the network’s official web site. This information will then be used to provide personalized information – for example, it could notify track and field enthusiasts about forthcoming races, or show basketball fans reels of that day’s best three-point shots or slam dunks.

The firm will track online video and other content during CCTV.com’s more than 3,800 hours of live Olympics webcasts and more than 20,000 additional hours of news, replays and video-on-demand programs within the mainland of China and Macau.

WebTrends is just one of many firms analyzing this year’s Olympic audiences: AGB Nielsen will be measuring the size of TV audiences in 38 countries on five continents, NBC Universal will be using the games as a testing environment for a more rounded measurement of media consumption, and CSM Media Research has been testing Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM) to measure radio audiences.

Die ausführliche Meldung finden Sie hier: Web Analytics für Olympia

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