Web Analytics für B2B – eine Analyse-Empfehlung


Unter dem Titel „B2B Analytics – What should be measured“ hat ein amerikanischer Blog-Kollege eine interessante Empfehlung veröffentlicht

Er unterteilt den B2B Prozess in Awareness, Research, Decision und Purchase (also Aufmerksamkeit, (Markt-)Forschung, Entscheidung und Kauf).

Web Analytics B2B Funnel

Hier seine Anmerkungen zu den einzelnen Phasen:

Essentially this is the discovery phase for your potential customers, they have come to a realization that they need a specific product or service but are just testing the waters at this point. It’s also a discovery phase for your business as well because it helps you identify the various touch points users are leveraging to find your site and additionally you can begin to get a sense of the content they are viewing which is enlightening them on products/services in your vertical.

Users now have an idea of what they are looking for and are starting to narrow down the choices by checking out the competitive landscape. B2B Marketers should offer product information, pricing, competitive information to help keep them engaged with your site. I mention downloads and time spent on site in the research phase and want to emphasize that it has to be combination of these two metrics in addition to content viewed which begins to paint the picture of the level.

Site visitors have narrowed down their selection, they are making their final checks on a shortlist of vendors and are ready to make that final leap to become a customer. The number of repeat visits should help indicate if you have made this shortlist and similarly the referring keywords should start giving you a sense of visitors in the decision phase.

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for – customer acquisition. This doesn’t mean your job is over yet because it’s still very important to understand more about your users purchase so you can learn and apply the knowledge next cycle. Revenue is always good to collect but even more so is ROI segmented down by all your advertising channels.

Den gesamten Artikel finden Sie hier: B2B Web Analytics.


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