Web Analytics Association mit Certification Day


Am 14. Dezember veranstaltet die WAA einen Certification Day für (angehende) Web Analysten – Become a Certified Web Analyst

Hier die englischen Infos im Detail:
Following multiple requests, the Web Analytics Association (WAA) is proud to expand its certification program on the European continent. Therefore, a very special certification exam session will be held in Berlin on the 14th of December.

The purpose of the Web Analyst Certification Program is to provide a mechanism for individuals to obtain professional recognition after demonstrating their knowledge of and competency within the web analytics industry. The program is designed to identify not only analysts with broad domain knowledge, but also, and more importantly, analysts demonstrating a high level of analytical and problem solving ability across the entire web business spectrum. Certification will be issued to each qualified person upon meeting WAA’s required education, experience, and examination requirements.

Web Analytics Ausbildung

„Hefte raus – Klassenarbeit“ –
Machen Sie Ihr WAA-Zertifikat zum Web Analytics Experten

Pricing for this certification is even more unique:

Early bird prices in effect if registration is received before/after November 15th:
Members: 250 €/280 €
Non-members: 350 €/380 €

Please note that this certification exam will be in English with responses on paper. Please plan on allocating approximately three hours for registration and the exam session.

If you are interested in joining WAA to obtain the lower Member price along with all of the other membership benefits, please do so before you apply for the certification exam. More info here: Web Analytics Association.

WAA is looking forward to your participation on 14th of December.
Act Now! Become a WAA Certified Web Analyst™.


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