VistaPrint auf der Suche nach Web Analytics Insights


Neukunde für Visual Sciences. VistaPrint, führendes Unternehmen für Online Graphik Design stellt deutliche Verbesserungen nach der Implementierung durch Visual Sciences fest.

Visual Sciences Real Time Analytics

Hier die englische Pressemitteilung:
VistaPrint Deploys Visual Sciences Visual Site to Provide Real-time Insight into Online Visitor Interaction and Behavior

Leading online graphic design and print company sees significant improvements after implementing changes based on insight from Visual Site

Visual Sciences, a leading provider of real-time analytics applications, today announced that VistaPrint Limited (NASDAQ: VPRT) has deployed its Visual Site® application to analyze customer interaction and behavior on the company’s Web sites. Visual Site, Visual Sciences’ real-time analytics application for the Internet channel, allows VistaPrint to map and analyze customer conversion processes, sometimes called “funnels,“ where improvements can be made in order to optimize process conversion and minimize process drop-out for various segments of its customers. This invaluable insight into customer segment interaction and behavior enables VistaPrint to make intelligent design and content changes in order to improve end-to-end customer experience and site performance.

VistaPrint is the leading online supplier of high­quality graphic design services and customized printed products to small businesses and consumers, and operates with 18 globalized Web sites that serve 120 countries around the world, including Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the European Union. The company required a flexible analytics solution to collect, integrate and quickly analyze data, and also one that allowed dynamic segmentation based on any data attribute available about the site and its visitors.

According to Dan Malone, senior manager of business intelligence at VistaPrint, with the company’s previous solution it took hours or even days to retrieve and analyze site data intelligently.

“Visual Site provides us with a much better alternative to the lengthy and painstaking process of collecting and analyzing the data we need,” said Malone. “Visual Site gives us the flexibility and processing speed we require, but it also doesn’t restrict the creation of specialized segments, and it really helps us to pinpoint where the site has usability issues. The bottom line is the results we’ve achieved with the help of Visual Site.“

VistaPrint utilizes the data provided by Visual Site to determine where its various sites could benefit from optimization, and as a result of Visual Site’s ability to rapidly collect and analyze data the company is able to make those site optimization changes quickly. For example, by making changes to certain global sites’ log-in, registration and purchasing processes, as well as other content-related changes, VistaPrint has made the sites much simpler to navigate.

“VistaPrint is a great example of an Internet retail business that is taking extensive advantage of the features in Visual Site to create a better experience for their customers and optimize their site’s business performance,” said Jim MacIntyre, chief executive officer of Visual Sciences. “Real­time customer analytics can provide immediate business benefits to companies that depend on the Internet channel in order to profit in today’s global marketplace.”


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