Six Reasons to discover Customer Engagement Next Year!


Customer Engagement is not a lonely pop up discipline of last months. It will be a key discipline – if not even part of leading company strategies in the (near) future. And here is why.

Many companies have a customer friendly direction. A lot of companies think they are truly customer oriented. But most of the companies still fail. Reason is quite simple and complex. To be a customer oriented or customer driven company you need to listen to your customers. And that – by far – is not enough. It is all about answering questions that companies (or its representatives) haven’t even thought about asking. Being one step ahead is a needed concept and expertise a service company needs to have.

Now we need to stress the importance of different disciplines and the meaning to customer and the delivering company itself. The bigger the benefit for company and customer the bigger the relevance of this discipline.

Nice to have vs. Relevant Actions
Choosing a nice-to-have discipline for a future action is a waste of budget and energy. It can only create relevant additional value if the meaningful disciplines like Digital Analytics or CRM-Power have already been setup and are in daily multiple use.

Needed investments of the most relevant disciplines will vary depending on the company size and deepness of integration (meaning standard solution vs customized solution) and also depend on the general IT strategy of the company. To give very high level figures an approximate Analytics solution can start at around 25.000 Euro and go up to medium 6-digit budgets while a CRM solution including an implementation of a new system (be it Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM) will have a strong consulting part in it and add user licenses, the package starting around 50.000 Euro and even up to 7-digit figures – as said depending on number of users and deepness of the requirements. Marketing disciplines like targeted content (blogs or dedicated editors for specific industries) or direct digital interaction (chat functionality or social media exchange) can be at a lower budget range but will also have less impact on the customer benefit.


Visualising Customer Engagement
As shown in the “Customer Engagement Statement” you see the direct benefits of each of the six mentioned disciplines: Targeted Content, Dedicated Customer Service, Direct Digital Interaction, Personalised Marketing Approach, Integrated CRM System and Digital Analytics.



A dedicated customer service, for example, will proof the highest customer benefits for most of the industries companies work in: Process Manufacturing, Telecommunication or even Professional Services. Less so, for easy-to-use high frequency products like in the FMCG business.

To make sure your company is ready for 2017 and beyond the big homework has to be done: set your Analytics strategy right and make sure there is a dedicated and integrated CRM system in place to help you get more efficient and targeted.   Customer and company will highly profit from this strategy.


All the best for your Customer Engagement in 2017.




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