RIP AIDA Model – Welcome to the 21st Century


This is one of the most quoted and most used Marketing strategies or at least models in the world: the AIDA model; referring to Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

For all of us we have been thinking about these steps in our daily work, in our marketing campaigns and in talks with other marketing experts when explaining our approach to the market. This has to come to an end. No more AIDA. No longer historical models. Change the way you look at customers and their interaction with your company or brand – now.AIDA Model

Why? Because the AIDA model is too general and too less digitally influenced. It does not start with an attention (= delivering a message to a potential customer) as well as it does not end with the simple action (=buying your product). This is so 80`s. Stop being 80`s. Start being 21st century & beyond.

Therefore this model – with all its success and fame and justification and proven track record – is obsolete.

Are you ready to learn? Ready for change?
Jon Hamm, the main actor in Mad Men once said, “Change is neither good or bad – it just is.” And he is right. Change happens all day, every minute. The best change is the change you can influence or at least observe. So, make a change in your marketing approach and strategy. It should not be AIDA as you know, it should be a new model for basic Marketing knowledge.


The RES Model
Ready for RES? It is not an abbreviation of RESOLUTION, although with all the meanings resolution does have, it would be even the right word to start something new and use it as a new model. RES stands for Relevance – Engagement – Success. This is the new AIDA. Let`s discuss it.

The A in AIDA stands for attention. Clearly very powerful and needed to get potential clients in contact with your brand, but not good enough. Nowadays it needs more than that. If someone gets in contact with you or your brand, he already has to have a need or consideration towards your brand and/or business. A need has to be there. Also, attention and enthusiasm towards a product like yours has to be there. That is why R (Relevance) means so much more than A (Attention) – and will give you a more general info on what to do to get your potential customers involved.

The I and the D in AIDA stand for Interest and Desire. Both fair enough. But both not considering the interaction with you and your brand or product. Engagement is the key to a powerful relation to the client, engagement is needed to make the difference to your competitors – which are (let me quote this old sentence once again) only a mouse click away from you. So, E (Engagement) includes more insights and more power than I (Interest) and D (Desire).

In the End, the last letter in AIDA means Action. Also very relevant, since this final step is needed to grow or maintain your business. No action, no sales, no business. But so short-minded. Back in the days, when Elmo Lewis created the AIDA model (yes, that was back in 1898, so not that much digital and up to date now…), the action was the final step to achieve. If it was sold, everything was fine. Today this is no longer the case. Upselling and Cross-Selling are one of the most important possibilities to enrich your customer base with additional links to your company and to enrich your profitability with additional products. Especially, and most important, is the fact, that you will have to stay in contact with a customer, even if he is not going to buy any more products from you. The S (Success) becomes a very crucial fact in business relation. Success included the action of course, but also the After-Sales management, the Follow Up strategy, the connection to the brand and the option to influence a customer in order to recommend your services or product. And speaking positively about it. In social media, in viral marketing, in any other open channel.

RES Model Haberich

RES beats AIDA
So, if you want to make sure you are as close as possible to your customer and trying to achieve as many sales as possible, get RES-activity on board.

RIP AIDA, I had a very good time with you. Welcome RES, I will grow my profit with you.




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