Report Builder von Nedstat ermöglicht individuelle Berichte


Der neu lancierte Report Builder von Nedstat gibt dem Sitestat Nutzer weitere individuelle und detaillierte Möglichkeiten, um die Website zu optimieren

Nedstat Web AnalyticsBen Sidebottom, Consultant aus UK, hat sich den Report Builder im Detail angeschaut und kann eine gute Einführung zu dem Feature geben. Außerdem erfährt man, welche Power dahinter steckt.

Hier ein Auszug seines (englischen) Berichts
So Nedstat released the all new Sitestat Report Builder which I must say is a great new addition to the already fully stocked Sitestat toolbox! It allows users to build fully customised reports with a lovely drag-and-drop interface making it very easy to get the exact report you want. With the ability to report on any metric, in any dimension and any custom labels it truly is one of the most flexible report builders in the analytics market.

Now rather than posting about the Top common features all the other report building tools can do I will be posting about the Top features which really add true customisation to the reports and flexibility that is sometimes lacking in other tools I have used in the past.

Segmentation by Column
One of the best features found in analytics today is the ability to apply live segmentation to reports. One of the features found in the Nedstat Report Builder is the ability to apply individual segments to individual columns and rows within the custom report. This is a massive and unique feature of reporting tools and allows you to apply different segments to the same or different metrics. This also means you can have the same metric in your report multiple times where I have noticed limitations with this in other tools. For example, in one report you can have the number of visitors who logged in, didn’t login and haven’t registered all in one row.

The scope of the row or column allows you to define how you would like the row or column to be triggered and this can be triggered by “event”, “visit” or “visitor”. This allows you to specify how you would like the metrics and values to be triggered against the rows and columns.

It is easier to understand with an example. By using “event” based scope on a campaign report with pages you will see that it only shows you the pages where that campaign tag was populated. Basically, the landing page only as event based means the campaign must have been populated on that page.

Report Builder von Nedstat (1)

If we change the scope of the campaign to “visitor” based, it will now show you all the pages that were viewed by the visitors who also saw the campaign tag at any point in their journey. So if a visitor saw the campaign tag on the landing page and then went on to view 4 other pages then these 4 page names would also be included in the report.

Sitestat Report Builder (2)

In this example you will notice the pages now show multiple pages compared to the event report which only showed the homepage.

Overall this is a fantastic feature and is great for capturing returning visitors against campaigns, keywords or even unique IDs captured during the visits. Admittedly, you do need to know how to use it to get the most out of it but it is a great, great feature and something that other tools struggle to do.

Data Lookup
Data lookup allows you to pull metrics straight out of a SQL or mySQL database and marry them up with metrics or values in the report builder. This is all done live and is great for uploading detailed information about products or your users. Some key examples are if you collect the age group or the gender of your visitors and you have their email address being captured by Sitestat, you can use their email address as a link to the lookup table and then report or even segment by age group or gender! Other tools can do the reporting from external tables, but the segmentation is where it’s true power lies.

Nedstat Report Builder (3)

The end result of the Nedstat Report Builder is fantastic and has many more features like metric and label renaming, rules, expandable rows and columns, sorting, customisable parameters and full previewing. This truly is one of the most flexible tools I have used in analytics and I cannot recommend it enough…

Den gesamten Bericht zum Report Builder finden Sie hier: Sitestat Report Builder.
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