Omniture mit neuem Test & Target Interface


Omniture hat ein neues Interface für Test & Target entwickelt

Marketingverantwortliche können nun direkt neues Design für die eigene Website visuell testen und durchführen.

Und hier ein Auszug der englischen Pressemitteilung
Omniture announced a new version of Omniture Test&Target that provides marketers with the ability to more visually design, test and execute marketing campaigns directly on their Web sites. Marketers can now save time and implement changes immediately on their site, increasing the speed and ease with which campaign content can be used for A/B testing and targeted campaigns.

“Testing our site is something that we do constantly,” said Matt Sanocki, director of marketing at Design Public, an exterior and interior creative design retailer. “The new visual capabilities in Omniture Test&Target make a tremendous difference because I can get everyone on my online marketing team involved in the process.“

The new version of Omniture Test&Target allows online marketers to
– Create Tests Visually – Online marketers can create A/B tests and targeted campaigns directly on the Web pages where and how visitors will experience them.
– Deliver Tests Faster – New campaigns and marketing ideas can be tested and implemented as they are conceived.
– Test More Frequently – Because the new interface is easier to learn, teams of online marketers will find it easier to create and collaborate on marketing campaigns, enabling them to run multiple tests more quickly.

“The new campaign creation and testing capabilities in Omniture Test&Target have become an important part of our process for creating and demonstrating value to our clients,” said Nicholas Ward, search technology strategist for Range Online Media, a leading search and interactive marketing agency. “The ability to build and preview tests simultaneously helps us ensure a positive visitor experience during testing and limits the complexity for our team and our clients.”

Die gesamte Mitteilung finden Sie hier: Omniture Test & Target


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