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Company veteran to take the helm.

WebTrends Web Analyse

Alex Yoder wird neuer CEO bei WebTrends und wird in das Board of Directors aufgenommen.

Hier ein Auszug der englischen Pressemitteilung:
The Board of Directors of WebTrends Inc. today announced the immediate appointment of Alex Yoder as the company’s new president and chief executive officer following the resignation of Dan Stickel. Yoder was also appointed to the company’s Board of Directors.

In naming Yoder as CEO, the board turned to a WebTrends insider with seven years of experience at the company, and who most recently led WebTrends to its most successful quarter in history as its vice president of sales. He also has been one of the key executives leading the company’s long-term strategic planning, and has over 20 years of global business experience.

Yoder joined WebTrends in 2000 and has served in various management capacities in the sales organization. From 2007-2008, Yoder was the vice president of sales at Touch Clarity, a behavioral targeting company, before leaving to rejoin WebTrends as vice president of sales.

„I’ve spent seven of the last eight years focused on expanding the WebTrends brand and delivering business value to our customers,” said Yoder. “I’m excited to partner with other WebTrends leaders such as Nick Sharp, vice president and general manager WebTrends EMEA, to achieve our next phase of growth and become the clear worldwide leader in marketing optimization solutions. We will achieve this with an unwavering commitment to product innovation, by delivering valuable and compelling solutions to our customers and by building strong relationships with our partners.“

WebTrends recently announced its highest revenue quarter in the company’s history.

Das Web Analytics Karusell dreht sich weiter: es gibt einen neuen CEO bei WebTrends, der bis vor kurzem noch Vice President Sales bei Touch Clarity war. Die wurden ja nun wiederum von Omniture gekauft, da gab es wohl Not sich umzuschauen.


Eine Antwort auf „Neuer CEO für WebTrends“

  1. Dear Alex,
    It’s a pleasure to see you in the board of directors at webtrends. Unfortunately your former company (Touch Clarity) lost many opportunities in Europe. Maybe the practise shoots at customers like Thomas Cook in customer targeting projects made TC to the most unsuccessful take overs for omniture. The Consulting Director from Omniture left the organization in UK after 8 weeks on duty. He has seen the real application on powerpoint only.
    See you soon…… my friend.

    I’m leaving the blog today until september. (Sailing in the northern seas)

    cu, razzorsharp@accenture

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