My 5 Business Predictions for 2018


2018 knocking at your business door? Be a perfect host – with these 5 business options to focus on – or at least to learn more about:

The world is full with BITCOINs, as we know. Just now it became the biggest bubble since the tulip mania in the 17th century. Prices have doubled, tripled and risen in a flash. Not only private investors start smiling big time, also the whole finance industry around credit cards, banking and payment is having a closer look at the Bitcoin-development. And even if it crashes tomorrow (which will not happen, it will grow to more than 40.000 Dollar by year end 2018) it started a new way of consideration in banking, finance and investment. So, first prediction:

  • #1 BITCOIN will rise to >40.000 Dollar and burn old habits of the finance industry

Will you still order your BITCOINs on your mobile by entering codes and digits with your fingers or will it turn to a voice recognition action? In 2018, your voice and the voice of your customer(s) will increase in interaction and volume. You better get ready fo the voice recognition business until no one is willing to talk to you anymore. No matter if ordering, complaining, informing, exchanging: your voice will take over from 2018 onwards Therefore, second prediction:

  • #2 Voice Recognition is key to the future of internet

And then, who is going to answer your complaints, orders or information requests that you announced with your voice? Bots will do, my friend. Already in place, more so in the near future. In 2021 more money will be spent on bots and chats than on mobile apps, says Gartner. so, third prediction

  • #3 Chatbots will kill the Apps – sooner or later

So, you gathered the data from the voice recognition, you collected the chatbot information, you listened to your customer calls, you researched on the twitter feedback etc. But, where and how do you store that information. Data is already ruling the world, now you have to make use of it. So, collecting data to turn that into information is key. Breaking down data silos is even more crucial. That means, one system in the end will have to be the keeper of your soul, the heart of your company, the magic field of customer engagement. All relevant information about you and your engagement with your customers is stored in a sacred place. So, fourth prediction:

  • #4 CRM will really turn into the heart and soul and wallet of your company

You are blessed, when having all data in place. You are professional when being able to deal with different channels, portals and customer touchpoints. But you are as lost as blessed, as cursed as professional, when not knowing what to do with that information. IT strategy is as important as the business strategy. And yes, IT has to follow business in every single case. Being the ambassador of the strategy, being the enabler of company vision, being the supporter of change. IT is no longer IT. IT will become Business Technology, so IT is dead, long live BT. That leads to the fifth prediction:

  • #5 IT is no longer needed. BT takes over. IT follows.

And yes, these 5 predictions could be obsolete in the second quarter of 2018 already, since we are moving so fast and so disruptive, that you should start making up your mind about your Top 5 prioirities in 2018.

Do it now. 2018 is knocking on your business door.


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