Web Analytics Anbieter mit neuem Release – Affinum 7.5


Unica erweitert die Möglichkeiten von Affinum

Unica Web-Analytics

Hier ein Auszug der englischen Pressemitteilung:
New Interactive Marketing solution enables companies to integrate inbound and outbound marketing efforts and engage customers in their quest to improve customer satisfaction and increase marketing returns

Unica introduced a next-generation solution that enables marketers to engage customers and prospects in cross-channel dialogs aimed at improving customer experiences and receptivity to marketing content, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness and customer loyalty. Unica Interactive Marketing™, powered by the Affinium® 7.5 product line, enables marketers to move beyond traditional outbound push marketing by leveraging customers’ past and current behaviors to identify the best marketing message to deliver in any channel at any time. Unica Interactive Marketing helps companies address key trends that are transforming marketing, including the pervasive adoption of online channels, the increasing availability of addressable channels, and the growing propensity of buyers to limit their exposure only to the content they value.

Hier geht es zur kompletten Meldung: Web Analytics mit Affinum